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When life doesn’t go
               as planned…

It's been an interesting last few years since my husband passed.  When you expect to spend your life with that ‘love of your life’, to enjoy and watch your grandkids grow up.  And then everything changes  - you watch your kids lose their father and you’re left on your own wondering what now?  I didn’t anticipate any of that. 

Through this heartbreaking experience I kept asking

“What is the gift in all of this?”

Well I recently became an Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator after travelling to many classes.  What a choice its been in expanding my life!  I’m so excited with that choice - it's given me a whole new perspective on life that I’m so grateful for.  I had to commit to myself like I never had before.  

That question of "what now?" after my husband passed brought Access Consciousness across my path.  I fell in love with the simple tools and how you could empower yourself no matter what was going on or how you could lighten up any situation..

I can say that in spite of such a loss with these pragmatic tools everything got lighter, I started being happier, less serious and enjoying life a lot more.  Maybe seeing my husband experience what he did and have his life and ours together cut short invited me to living more than I have yet.

There is that feeling of guilt that I shouldn’t enjoy life and be happy after such a loss.  Now it is transformed into just being grateful, grateful for my husband and the life we shared, grateful for our daughter and son, grateful for the beautiful granddaughter I have and the one on the way, grateful for the life I’m creating and grateful for my choices up until now.


I know he’d be happy I’m living and enjoying life.  I wonder where life will lead me now? 


Thank you for being here..


I invite you to the space of you..


Yellow Flowers

Thank you your presence, genuine nature, kindness, and the magic you truly be 💫💥🌈💓 I am so grateful for you, for the way you facilitate, for your willingness to go above & beyond … you are such a gift 💝 Thank you so much for everything 🙏🏼🫶🏼💫💗
What else is possible now? 🔥🌈🙌🏼💥🌟

Marci Stockton

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Today I’m on the last day of this Access Foundation class with Crystal and holy frigin Toledo Batmat I told my mom this morning this is the most change I’ve ever experienced yet in any Access class and we aren’t even done yet.. and this is her first time teaching this class. 

Crystal is such an elegant powerhouse who is so patient and aggressively present with every energy I bring up.  The presence she has allowed all my crazy shit to transform.  That’s all it takes to do magic.  No point of view and presence.  If I only knew that years ago. 

Julie Kaukinen


I have taken both Access™ Bars and Energetic Facelift with Crystal. 

She has a delightful way of teaching with a gentle approach and attention to detail that made learning not only easy but fun. 

Questions were warmly welcomed while learning. I walked away excited, uplifted and lighter with confidence in my new skills.

Francesca Barbisan

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